What is a Micro Wedding and Why Should You Have One?


Everything you need to know about the latest micro wedding trend and how to host your own.


There’s been a great deal of speculation over what weddings after Covid-19 will look like, and the buzz-word on all the industry insiders’ lips? Micro wedding.

Couples due to marry this summer have been through a lot in the last few months. While many have had already had to postpone or cancel their weddings due to lockdown measures, the newly-engaged are left wondering if they will even be able to have a wedding at all. But whatever your circumstances may be, a micro wedding might be the solution to your wedding woes.

What is a Micro Wedding?

Micro-weddings fall somewhere between an elopement and a small traditional wedding. They are a wonderful solution to the drastic adjustments that have recently taken place in the wedding industry.

With social distancing here to stay and numbers being kept to a minimum, we’re expecting micro-weddings to be a big trend as we head into 2021.

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Typically, a micro wedding will have no more than 20 guests, however as with any wedding trend, it’s all about interpretation. You may feel like you want your special day to be as intimate and private as possible.

How to Throw a Micro Wedding

We’ve put together the ultimate guide on how to plan your micro wedding. If you’re starting from scratch, then get ready to be creative and plan the big day you’ve always dreamed of, on a small and intimate scale.

No-Guilt Guest List

Possibly the trickiest part of planning a micro wedding is the guest list, and you’re going to have to be pretty cut throat. After all, it’s going to be a very exclusive event.

As we mentioned before, by definition, a micro wedding is a ceremony that has twenty people, or less, present. However, if the current lockdown measures are anything to go by, your ceremony may be limited to ‘a group of up to six people’.

Our advice? Keep the list short with your nearest and dearest, and cut out the distant relatives and fair-weather friends. You may have had your heart set on a huge celebration, but your new VIP guest list will cut down the expense and make the day even more special.

Fuss-free Food

When planning a micro wedding, the beauty is in the budget. When you’re catering for such a small group of people, you can make your money go further, and turn to smaller businesses to provide for your special day.

Not only will your wedding be cared for with personal touch, but you can support your local businesses during this time when they need us most.

If you’re wedding is really small, you can even cater for your guests yourself with pre-prepared finger food, a BBQ, or your favourite restaurant.

When it comes to the cake, it may seem excessive to splurge on a traditional wedding cake for a small group of people. Instead, get creative with smaller designs or unconventional desserts. Alternatively you can opt for a cupcake per guest, and arrange them to make a beautiful, yet unconventional, display.

Get Creative

When planning a more intimate wedding, you can experiment with tradition. That means letting the ceremony reflect who you are. If you and your partner aren’t the traditional types, then consider a theme for you and your guests to dress in accordance with. This could be anything from your favourite era in time or wedding inspiration from your favourite film set.

If you are opting for a more traditional dress code, then don’t feel that you have to abandon your dream of a black-tie wedding simply because the guest list is small. It’s still your wedding day, and that’s the only excuse you need to put on your finest attire.


The Perfect Place

A smaller ceremony means that you can be even more flexible with where you do it.
You can pick your home, a park, or somewhere isolated, as you don’t need to worry about capacity.

Take a look at some of these stunning venues for small weddings.

The best part? When you aren’t worrying about the cost of herding hundreds of people across the country, and a little help from Uber, you can allow yourself to venture somewhere new and unexplored for your special day.

Cut the Cost

Non-essentials? Wedding favours and centrepieces are an opportunity to save money and get creative. Wedding Ideas have plenty of advice on how to DIY your wedding favours, which can add a personal touch to your special day.

When planning a micro wedding, you can eliminate a lot of the frills. Cut the non-essentials things on your checklist, and even consider getting married without a photographer and a band. Buy a few disposable cameras, and ask a guest to bring their largest speaker, and you’ll enjoy a more intimate celebration.

If you’re still stuck for advice on whether to postpone your wedding, or how to plan a simple home ceremony, Wedding Ideas have plenty of how-to’s and advice on where to start.

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