What I DIY’ed for my Wedding | Tips & Tricks

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this detailed video covering everything that I made for my wedding. I break down the tips and tricks that I learned to help you save money and add personalization to your dream wedding!

Questions about the things I mentioned in this video? DM me on Instagram: @brittvonarx

To navigate the video you can use the timestamps below.
Save the Dates https://bit.ly/2lImj1z
Centerpieces https://bit.ly/2m4vppO
Order of Events Sign https://bit.ly/2lBggMw
Welcome Sign https://bit.ly/2kxfn7q
Seating Chart https://bit.ly/2lBg3ZK
Pergola Decorations https://bit.ly/2m1HmMR
Bouquets & Florals https://bit.ly/2m4kCvP
Photobooth https://bit.ly/2m4kJaJ
Bridal Robe https://bit.ly/2lYDv33
Candy Bar & Kids Station https://bit.ly/2kwx1bp

Products Mentioned:
Picmonkey https://bit.ly/1LtqNi2
Paper Cutter https://bit.ly/2k1YMIA
Wood Lath https://bit.ly/2k47czb
Mercury Glass Votives https://amzn.to/2lArYaf
Graphite Paper https://bit.ly/2k96O2A
Floral Hooks https://bit.ly/2k7z0Tq
Hardboard https://bit.ly/2lCeBpS
Voile Fabric https://bit.ly/2lGVc76
Flower Frog https://bit.ly/2kzfSxF
Lumabooth https://bit.ly/2IEwK0u
Petal Driven https://bit.ly/2kmTEPG

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