What Are the Best Wedding Flowers? | Wedding Flowers

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So the question I get, possibly more than any other, from people is what are the best wedding flowers or how do I get the very best wedding flowers? And, of course, the answer to that question is very broad. The best wedding flowers to you might mean the most expensive wedding flowers or the most exotic wedding flowers or the flowers that are easiest to get in the season or the flowers that are pure pure white color. Certainly, the best means something different to everybody, but, I think, maybe one of the most important factors in thinking about what flowers to choose for your wedding are the flowers that work within your price point.

Everybody is on a budget, whether your budget is a gillion dollars or a more modest budget. So, immediately, when you come and have a conversation with your florist about wedding flowers, just be very straightforward about what is it that I want to spend? What is it that I can spend on this wedding? And, from there, you can kind of work backwards and think about, now, within that price point what are the very best flowers I can get, whatever that means to you. So if that means to you the most interesting, unusual, unique or perhaps that means the most traditional.

And if it’s the most unusual or expensive flowers, then perhaps you’re gonna have centerpieces, bouquets, and arrangements that are smaller in size but that use this incredibly beautiful floral element or perhaps that means that you want a huge, gigantic enormous centerpiece on every table. And your wedding florist can help you figure out what flowers are going to go in that centerpiece to fit within your price point. So I think that the initial conversation, in a very healthy and straightforward way, is what am I going to spend on these wedding flowers and then the question of what’s best within that price point is much easier to answer.

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