Tips On Finding Wedding Dress With Apple Shaped

Dress Tips
Apple shaped girls are defined by curve and width. You have a heavier mid-section than the rest of your body. You are thick-waisted or you have an undesired tummy. Characteristics are full busts, waists and upper backs and often width around the middle leading down to slim legs. For you it’s all about accentuating the positives (like your killer legs) and bringing balance to your shape as a whole.
Hints: You have Beautiful curves like Jade Jagger, Drew Barrymore and Kate Winslet!
Ideal Dress Styles: Empire, A-line
Advice: Empire style dress should be the best choice for girls with apple shaped body.
As the high-waist emphasizes your bust part, while your mid-section of body de-emphasized.
If you like a-line dress better, then try it with slim bodice. Here are some example dresses you can follow up for apple shaped figure.

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