The New Honeymoon Trends for 2020


Who says you need to stick to tradition when it comes to your honeymoon? Times are changing and so are the top honeymoon trends.

The Top Honeymoon Trends for 2020

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again; weddings are an expensive business. And its safe to say a large contributing factory is that first holiday you jet off on as a married couple. But even with all those wedding costs creeping up, you shouldn’t have to forego the honeymoon of your dreams. You may find, however, that what was once the epitome pure honeymoon bliss has changed as new travel and holiday trends are taking hold.

Some of the biggest honeymoon trends for 2020 see a conscious effort to make your money go further. Whether it’s inviting friends along for the ride, or postponing your trip of a lifetime to save, sell up and explore the world with your new partner in crime.

The Buddymoon


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The notion of the more the merrier is making its way into the honeymoon scene. We’ve already seen the growing popularity of the ‘familymoon‘ over the years and now we’re set to see an increase in the number of brides and grooms opting for a ‘buddymoon’. This is where couples are invite their friends to share their honeymoon experience.

Speaking about this new trend, Olivia Knight, founder of Patchwork honeymoon fund and Chair of Sharing Economy UK, said: “We’ve definitely seen an increase in couples inviting their friends to join them on their honeymoons. With people today getting married later, most couples already live together and 14% have children. So just as people are ditching a lot of traditional wedding etiquette, honeymoons are changing too. Newlyweds increasingly bring children, pets, parents and friends along too!

“Most couples today have holidayed together before and they don’t just want another two weeks on the beach, they want a unique and memorable adventure. While most couples are happy to share their honeymoon experience with friends on Instagram and Facebook, some super social millennials are choosing to share their honeymoon moments with mates in the real world, too.”

Plus, you’ll always have a bunch of photographers on hand to capture you and your partner’s first forays into married life.

The Minimoon or Microhoneymoon

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This mini-break-honeymoon-hybrid has been topping the travel trends for a number of years now. And the trend shows no signs of disappearing.

For many couples, it just isn’t logistically or financially feasible to rush off on a bit two-week honeymoon straight after the wedding. In these cases, a short break, either in the UK or a short-haul flight away will keep the travel bug at bay and provide a welcome escape after the wedding rush.

The microhoneymoon could even by a couple of nights staying at your venue, or a night at a fancy hotel and spa. A bit of R&R to celebrate your first night as a married couple.

Then you have the option to re-coop, save and plan for a dream honeymoon later on.

Eco-Conscious Honeymoons

Eco-friendly honeymoons or eco-moons are continuing to grow in popularity as more and more couples are prioritising sustainability. Just was we’re seeing sustainable weddings becoming increasingly popular, newlyweds are opting for ways to be less wasteful and more environmentally conscious when it comes to their honeymoon, too.

The best way to be more eco-friendly is to cut your air miles all together, but a UK-based staycation may not be everyone’s cup of tea. A number of luxury resorts and hotels around the world are now operating with a sustainability focus. This lean towards eco-tourism – where hotels champion zero or low waste and eco initiatives – means you can still get your taste of the honeymoon highlife (without the guilty conscious).

The At-Home Honeymoon


You may be feeling the pressure to cut back on your carbon footprint, or just fancy exploring more of what the UK has to offer, staying at home for your honeymoon is proving more popular with newlyweds these days.

A cosy cottage in the Cotswolds, a modern villa with sprawling beach vistas on the coast or a hidden hideaway in the picturesque peak district, there are plenty of romantic spots to explore in the UK.

You may even decide your own home is the perfect place for a post-wedding retreat. Book sometime off work and revel in your newlywed bliss from the comfort of your own bed.

The Home-Swap Honeymoon Trend

With the costs of weddings ever on the rise, yet couple’s still wanting to visit bucket-list destinations, swapping hotels for peer-to-peer homestays could be a savvy option.

Patchwork honeymoon fund reports that 44% of newlyweds using Patchwork are renting and/or swapping homes for their honeymoon rather than booking a traditional hotel.

Olivia Knight, founder of Patchwork honeymoon fund and Chair of Sharing Economy UK explains: “The rapidly growing ‘sharing economy’ has empowered this new generation of newlyweds to build a honeymoon free from the old parameters and redefine what luxury means to them.

“Adventurous newlyweds choose sites like Airbnb rather than a traditional hotel because they allow them to experience everything from budget-friendly bell tents, canal boats and beach huts to high-end designer homes.

Couples are not just using peer-to-peer platforms like Patchwork to ‘crowd-fund’ their honeymoons. They’re also using sharing economy businesses to organise their entire trip.”

Action-packed Honeymoons

While some newlyweds prefer to lounge around in a luxury hotel on their honeymoon, for some it’s more exciting to go off the beaten path and embark on a new challenge together. We’re set to see a rise in couples seeking a sense of adventure or

Take a look at some of our favourite honeymoon destinations for active couples.

The Career Break: Extended Honeymoons Trend


With the reign of the influencer in full force, and the world constantly turning to Instagram and and blogs holiday inspiration, we’re seeing more and more couples trade in a life of commuting and board rooms for backpacks and beaches. Taking inspiration from the travel bloggers, young couples are ditching their day jobs to document their travel stories, meaning there’s more of a pull towards taking an extended honeymoon.

In recent years, we’ve also seen a shift in attitudes to work and careers, particularly among millennials. With more and more people working freelance and companies promoting flexi or remote working, it may not even be necessary to quit your job altogether in order to embarks on an extended honeymoon. Some may even be able to fund their honeymoons while they’re away.

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