The Best Places in the World to Propose According to Instagram


Looking for proposal ideas? Or maybe you’re just trying to throw hints at the best places in the world for your partner to propose? From UK hotspots to far-off beaches, these are the most popular places to propose according to Instagram.

Cliff Proposal - Proposal Ideas: Best Places in the World to Propose According to Instagram

The Best Places in the World to Propose

Celebrity Cruises has analysed Instagram posts and data to pinpoint the best places to get engaged around the world and the most popular locations for proposing to your partner.

To pinpoint the most popular places to propose around the world, Celebrity Cruises looked at a year’s worth of proposal-related hashtags such as #shesaidyes, #hesaidyes, #proposal and #engaged.

Where is the Most Popular Place in the World to Propose?

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Interestingly, Central Park in New York has come out as the number one place in the world to pop the question – in 2018 1,789 posts of proposals in Central Park were posted to Instagram, knocking the Eiffel Tower in Paris to second place.

Yep, Central Park, an oasis of calm in bustling New York City, has taken the top spot as the most popular place in the world the propose.

And according to Instagram, it’s Rome rather than Paris that’s the city of love. The Eternal City is home to three top proposal locations, more than any other city in the world. The Colosseum, the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain all serve as spectacular and historic backdrops to many couples’ engagement photos on Instagram.

What’s more, USA is seemingly the most romantic country for proposals (four out of the top 15 landmarks are from the States) with Central Park being joined by Brooklyn Bridge in New York, The Grand Canyon in Arizona and the Griffith Observatory in LA.

Most Popular Places to Propose in the World

1. Central Park, New York, USA
2. Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
3. Brooklyn Bridge, New York, USA
4. Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
5. Oia, Santorini, Greece
6. Colosseum, Rome, Italy
7. Tower Bridge, London, UK
8. Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia
9. Louvre, Paris, France
10. Lake Louise, Banff, Canada
11. The Shard, London, UK
12. Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy
13. Taj Mahal, Agra, India
14. Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, USA
14. Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy
15. Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

World Map - Proposal Ideas: Best Places in the World to Propose According to Instagram

Commenting on the findings, Digital Marketing Manager at Celebrity Cruises, Natalie Howard, said: “It’s wonderful to be able to see the loved-up landmarks that couples from around the world are travelling to for such an important occasion.

“We see lots of couples each year choosing to pop the question abroad on our ships and we hope the research can provide inspiration for future romantic gestures.”

Top 10 UK Proposal Locations According to Instagram

Closer to home, a study by family-owned jeweller, Beaverbrooks analysed over 10,000 proposal hashtags, including #engaged #bridetobe and #proposal, to reveal the most popular places to get down on one knee in the UK.

It’s no surprise that the capital came out on top as the UK’s number one proposal destination.

Credit Eva Dang via Unsplash
  1.  London (47 per cent)
  2.  Liverpool (9 per cent)
  3. Bath (7 per cent)
  4. Cornwall (6 per cent)
  5. Brighton (5 per cent)
  6. Norfolk (5 per cent)
  7. Cambridge (4 per cent)
  8. Leeds (4 per cent)
  9. Edinburgh (3 per cent)
  10. Lake District (3 per cent)

Lorna Haddon, head of diamond rings and jewellery at Beaverbrooks, said: “2020 has been an unusual year for proposals, with so many people having to postpone or re-think their engagement plans.

“Despite restrictions being in place, it seems that nothing will stand in the way of true love, and our research shows there are numerous romantic destinations across the country where proposers are choosing to get down on one knee.

“Popping the question is a big deal, but wherever and whenever you choose to propose, it’s about finding what’s right for you and your partner. With over 101 years of experience, we can help you every step of the way on your proposal journey, from picking the perfect diamond to planning the perfect proposal.”

Virtual Proposals: Backdrops of the Best Places to Propose

If you’re having to rethink your proposal abroad due to the current global coronavirus pandemic, there’s still plenty of ways your can make your at-home proposal truly special.

Thanks to the likes of Zoom backgrounds, virtual tours and drone videos, you can still pop the question at some the most romantic hotspots around the worlds.

Take a look at our round up of the best virtual proposal destinations for more proposal location ideas.

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