Silk Flower Wedding Bouquets

Permanent Flowers (or Silk Flowers) are very popular for Weddings today and the permanent flowers of today are much more realistic and they last for years to come.
Today on Fun with Flowers and J, I share a Wedding Lesson on how to create Silk Flower Wedding bouquets…including my favorite tips, tricks and hints for success. Using these simple techniques will allow you to create a permanent wedding bouquet that will be beautiful and long lasting.

I show how to create a crescent bouquet for a bride in the Gala® Bouquet holder that is filled with dry foam. This foam is ideal for permanent flowers and the tips I share will help you become more comfortable working with Silk Flowers.

I share tips for trimming stems, arranging foliage, maximizing your flowers, adding ribbon and much more. These simple steps will help you get expert results whether you’re creating a bride’s bouquet, attendants bouquets or decorations for a wedding or special event. Be sure to check out the complete archive of Wedding Flowers Your Way Lessons on the uBloom website at this link…

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