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Hey there, and welcome to the James and Jazz Wedding Planning Course where I share with you everything you need to know about planning a wedding. In this section we’re talking about selecting bridesmaid dresses and all of the helpful tips picking out bridesmaid dresses. How to choose bridesmaid dresses can be a bit overwhelming, so I’m here to share with you my advice for picking out bridesmaid dresses. There are many things to think about when picking out bridesmaid dresses including color, fabric, style, your bridesmaids’ skin tones and body shapes, and so much more! I want to share with you all of my best bridesmaid dress shopping tips regarding finding bridesmaid dresses and accessories for bridesmaids. “What should I have my bridesmaids wear?” may be a question looming in your mind right now, but I promise you after watching this video, you’ll have a great starting point for selecting your bridesmaids dresses. No longer will you be wondering “what should my bridesmaids wear?” as I believe these tips for picking out bridesmaid dresses will get your creativity flowing. Also, make it fun! I had a blast picking out bridesmaid dresses and accessories for my bridesmaids. However, tips for picking out bridesmaid dresses were always welcome in my book. So sit back with a notebook and take some notes as I walk you through this part of the process entailed in wedding planning. This is #24 of 70 sections in this wedding planning class of wedding planning questions and answers as us brides just want to know “how to plan my wedding from start to finish” and where to start when planning a wedding. As a bride, looking back I wish I would have had a course to teach me about all things wedding planning and provide me with the steps of how to plan a wedding. So now I’m paying it forward. Enjoy, future brides!


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