“Rustic” WEDDING DECOR INSPIRATION of Billy & Dea by Elior Design

When throwing a rustic reception, utilizing the organic wooden elements found in nature is one way to elevate your overall design. Like this stage we combined natural greenery and white drapery to add more romantic feel.
One of the keys to perfect the rustic wedding decorations look is to keep lanterns here and there. Whether they be hanging from the branches of a tree or used as an aisle decor, lanterns always make a great choice for a rustic and chic wedding.

The ceremony lies at the very core of a wedding, as it’s the moment when two lovers are united in the sacred bond of marriage. Wood chaired paired with rattan accent, baby’s breath flowers, and pampas grass making this wedding aisle look so beautiful. Such an endearing moment in one’s life should be completed with a breathtaking set-up,

Every couple has their own unique “how we met” story, and proposal, all of which have brought them to that pivotal moment when they finally say “I do.” Incorporate personalized details that reflect your journey together for a truly unforgettable wedding experience. Lighting also makes an important part in your wedding day. Hanging lights is probably one of the easiest yet most impactful way of decorating an outdoor wedding. What’s so great about it, is how there are actually plenty of ways to experiment. This time we experimented with fairy lights on the ground, down along the aisle, paired with hanging lanterns. Yes you read it right. And it successfully created a whimsical effect because you were literally surrounded by twinkling tiny lights and flickering candles. With this round gate at the entrance, it was almost like entering another world. A dream ♥️

And, bear in mind your entire wedding doesn’t have to be completely neutral. Sometimes, weaving in just neutral elements into certain parts of your wedding, such as your photo gallery or tablescape, can round out or complement a broader theme. And don’t forget the power of accents organic decor such as raw wood or messy greenery can enhance the natural look a neutral color palette creates.

Although splashes of color are eye-catching and vibrant, nothing says dreamy like a soft, muted wedding colour pattern of neutrals. Peaceful and classic, shade of pink, white, and wodden accent. It can fit of any wedding style, especially when you take advantage of the different textures you can play with.

Video by : @jerijer @jjeremiaa

Maxi’s Resto
April, 19th 2019

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