“RUSTIC” WEDDING DECOR INSPIRATION of Adrian & Viola by Elior Design

It’s no secret that rustic-themed weddings are at an all-time high, so a ceremony of casual woodland proportions naturally calls for corresponding wedding decorations to set the tone. Nothing screams rustic more than soft neutral hues, fairy lights, and all wood everything. 
When it comes to rustic weddings, the most prominent décor detail is usually nature. So supplementing the natural surroundings with a few of your own organic touches such as wood, greenery and wildflowers will really bring your event to life.

We’re not into specific wedding decor “styles”, we do what fits the characteristic and personality of the couple, that’s why on each project we create different and personalized, unique, one of a kind design that only fits the couple. This time our couple wanted that kind of rustic, natural and messy, all-wood wedding. A simple tip on rustic weddings : Make a statement with a jaw-dropping floral display on your wedding gate!

Lighting can transform your reception or ceremony space, and it should be a major focal point of any design plan. We combined four different lighting elements : bulbs and lanterns, with string lights and chandeliers. It was really stunning at night!

In a traditional Chinese culture, tea ceremony is the most significant of events in a wedding. It is an event to express respect and gratitude to the elders of the bride and groom for all the years of growing up with love and care. Moreover, the tea ceremony itself holds such deep meaning. Tea is the symbol of purity, stability and fertility. These are the good wishes for the new couple as they embark on their new life together as husband and wife. And the decor choices for tea ceremonies are truly endless, you can make it simple like this one, but still stunning and elegant.

Video by : @jerijer @jjeremiaa

Gedong Putih
June, 23rd 2019

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