Nature Reclaiming The Environment: Dreamlike Elopement Inspiration at Dunglass Estate in Scotland with Victorian Gothic Influences


What an immense privilege to be able to share these sensational images with you today, featuring the work of two of our highly recommended Little Book Wedding Directory suppliers.

These images were captured at photographer Lisa Devlin’s professional photography workshop, ‘The Photography Farm’.  The incomparable stying team Gloam are responsible for the magical aesthetic you see in these images and sustainable bridal fashion designer  Sanyukta Shrestha created the divine tiered pink ethical silk dress.

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Words by Lisa Devlin follow…

“We wanted to create stories of elopements for our attendees so we used two sets of real model couples. The wonderful Dunglass Estate on the East Coast of Scotland hosted us. The estate has woodlands, a lake, stables, and a unique gothic church that is partly ruined.”

“We were most excited about shooting there and that sparked our initial ideas around the theme and the styling notes.”

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“We were thinking about the Picnic At Hanging Rock book/film – with Victorian gothic influences. Interweaving nature into the inside spaces and taking furniture outside so the lines blurred between the outside and the inside.”

“We approached the Scottish team of Stylists, Gloam who came up with the concept Metallic Forest.”

“This brought elements from the outdoors into the church where they created a ghost forest of white and silver trees.”

“Using precious metals throughout which glistened in the warm candlelight. In reverse, indoor elements were taken out into nature with a pink velvet couch in the walled garden.”

“The florist covered this in moss and foliage as if it was being claimed by the surroundings and had been in situ for a long time.”

“They created a dreamlike, gothic atmosphere, as if nature was reclaiming the environment.”

“The stories within the Shoot Day consisted of a First Look by the lake with a quote banner hanging from a tree and gently catching the breeze.”

“Then our second couple wrote vows to each other in styled dressing areas before heading out into the woods for a hand-fasting ceremony.”

“A sweetheart table was set up in the old vine-covered glasshouse for our couple to drink wine and feast on cold cuts and local cheeses.”

“Our final setup featured a nest-like structure with our bride at the centre. The metal was now appearing on her face as the final gesture of our submergence into the theme.”

“We wanted to create a wonderful experience for all the photographers that took part. They’ve mostly been starved of content and the ability to connect with others in their industry.”

Learn more about Lisa Devlin’s ‘Photography Farm’ workshops

“Photography Farm has been offering styled shoots as part of our education for wedding photographers since 2011. Right now, we feel that they’ve never been a more vital part of the industry.”

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