How to Wrap & Fasten a Pin-On Corsage | Wedding Flowers

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So here we go. Now we have our stems. We can cluster them together and take our trusty floral tape. Very stretchy, very easy to use. Pull out a few inches of the tape and begin wrapping at the base of your cluster. Cinch everything together. Pull tight and start to wrap. And you’re gonna wrap all the way down. Pull tight with each turn. You can have the wrap come down about an inch or two. You can always trim it up later.

When you’re finished wrapping, pull the tape apart. And if you look and you feel like, I want it to look little thicker, I want it a little smoother, you can always do another wrap or two. I think I’m okay here so I’m going to now pull my wired raffia. This is really fun. A really beautiful rustic look. Something different than just your plain ribbon.

I’m gonna do the same thing with this raffia that I did with the tape. I’m just gonna pull it at the base and start wiring. Wrapping all the way down. And you can do one layer, you can do two layers. Because it’s a rustic look you can make it really not so neat. Come all the way back up. Once you get to the top you can use wire cutters and just trim the end. And this wired raffia will just stay absolutely secure on the stems. Now this is too long, so I’m gonna take my floral clippers and just trim the ends. I like to let a little of the ends stick out so it looks like you just picked it from the garden. And I like the way it’s lying on the chest still. So it looks good to me. The last step would be taking a corsage pin and just pin it in.

And that’s how you make a corsage.

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