How to Secure & Trim Floral Foam | Wedding Flowers

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Now, this feels pretty sturdy and pretty secure in here. But if you’re going to be adding a lot of flowers, you have to note that things can pull this foam as they go in. And so, you want to make sure that you’ve secured the foam with some tape.

This is your basic thick foil tape that you can find at any craft store or floral supply store. And what I like to do is make either one or two strips across the top just to make sure that as I go, as I put floral stems in here, we’re not going to pull the foam out of the container.

If I want to trim up the edges as I see them when I’m taping, I can also do that. So I can take my knife and just, kind of, cut away, clean it up a bit, so nothing’s hanging over the side and I can see the rim of the base. This is all up to you because all of this is foam is going to be covered by flowers, eventually.

So here we are with our tape. We placed it across. I don’t want it to go
to far down the container because I’m going to have to hide that. Don’t want anybody to see my trade secrets. But here, we can just snip, maybe, one inch of tape. Secure it to the vessel. Make sure it’s secured on the other side. If this is too wet, it won’t stick, so really try and keep that vessel dry if you can. Feels pretty steady. Feels pretty secure. And then maybe, I’ll just trim up a couple of edges, here.

Another nice trick when working with floral foam is that you want to leave
yourself angles to have a surface in which, to place the flowers. So if
this is too much of a right angle, it’s awkward to place a flower here. So, I can use my knife and just trim up some flat space. hat will be much
easier when I poke the flowers in. Trimming. Feel a little bit like a
sculpture when you’re doing this. I really enjoy this part.

Once you get the shape the way you want it, the next step will be to place some flowers in there.

That’s how you work with floral foam.

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