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Now, I’m gonna show you how to get roses to open quickly in a floral
arrangement. This is a beautiful rose that’s already started to open.
So first, I’ll talk to you about the water. Water can help you get any flower to
open quickly. If you have a flower that you feel is pretty sturdy, pretty
fresh, that you’ve just gotten, especially if it’s a flower that you want to get
open for an event or a party right away, you can actually use water that’s a little bit warmer, almost as warm as you would take a bath.

So if you fill up a vase with a substantial amount of water that’s about as warm as a bath tub, and there might even be a little bit of steam coming off the water. And that steam will help the bloom open up just like you would steam open an envelope or anything else. You wanna have the water level pretty high and this make a lot of sense because you want as much water as possible to be able to travel up the stem and soak in with the roses. Roses tend to drink a lot of water. So as that water travels up, it will reach the bloom and open the bloom quickly. So we’ve got warm water in here. We’ve got a lot of water in here.

The other thing is to give the prose a nice fresh cut, especially if you wanna get the rose to open quickly throughout the course of a day. Let’s say you’re trying to use it for the next day for a party or that evening for a party, you want to cut it even
two, three times.

You want to cut the rose at a nice sharp angle, about a 45 degree angle, so
you increase the surface area, so the flower can drink. The water will
travel all the way up to the bloom that way and really start to make it
open. If you’re really in a pinch and you’ve got to get that rose to open,
you can take these outside petals that are called guard petals, and peel a
few of them away.

So just grab the petal with your hand and, at the base of the petal, pull. You
can see, that’s how people petal roses for a wedding. Twirl the rose
around, pull a few more of the petals. As you pull these guard petals, the
rose starts to open up. It has more room to do so.

Finally, finally, blow on the flower. It’s a little strange, but if you blow on the flower, the
inside petals start to open up.

And that is how you get roses to open quickly.

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