How to make a head table wedding flower arrangement

This DIY video will demonstrate how to make a head table fresh flower centerpiece. The instructions are easy to follow with tips, tricks, and trade secrets provided by a professional florist.
Head table centrepiece is the focal point of the event and normally placed in front of bride and groom. Start with submerging the foam into warm water, prepare plastic dish for long and low centrepiece. Tape and secure tightly wet oasis foam inside the container. Start arranging flowers from the centre. Wrap calla lilies stems with the wire and tape, because it is really challenging to insert soft stems into the sponge. Calla lilies are fine without the water supply for a while and not collapse or wilt easily, so do not worry about it. Just put 20 gauge floral wire through the neck of calla lily and wrap and secure it with green corsage tape. Use large blooms of hydrangea to create fullness and volume. Preside with ornamental cabbage to achieve smooth texture and unique look. Fill the space inside, between and around hydrangea with gerbera daisies and fall colours roses. Make flowers at the front or face of the arrangement longer then at the back to create cascading effect. Back of the arrangement is simply not visible. Maintain proportionality and symmetry while adding the flowers. Use Dusty Miller, salal and aspidistra greenery to create cascading effect. Store centrepiece in the flower cooler overnight.
Materials used:
6-8 mini orange calla lilies
2-3 blooms of green hydrangea
12 fall colours roses
5-7 burgundy dahlias
Ornamental cabbage
Burgundy and orange gerbera daisies
Dusty Miller, salal, aspidistra greens
Plastic dish 8”
Oasis, tape, corsage tape, floral wire

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