Hi FAMILY!!!! Today, I will show a bride to be how to make a glamorous bridal veil. If you know of anyone who is getting married and need an inexpensive veil then please share this video. Anyone who is planning to have a Wedding in 2021 to keep watching so they can get some great ideas for her wedding. You can still have a small wedding either on a beach, your backyard, your home, or by virtual. Your day can be just as special with a small wedding! If you know of anyone getting married, please share this video with them. Thank you family for coming back and watching our channel. If this is your first time, WELCOME!! Remember to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, and turn your notification bell on. I wish you love, peace, and happiness!!

Supplies needed:
Sheer fabric (JoAnns)- 20 inches length/ 48 inches width
1 yard was 30% off of $5.99
Jewelry (Michael’s)- one string 50% off of $7.99
Diamond Wrap( Hobby Lobby)- 50% off of $3.99
Combs(Beauty Supply Store) four- $1.29
Stickers- $1.29

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**** You should use E6000 or Gorilla glue when doing any wedding centerpiece or other projects that you want to stay together permanently. In my videos, I use my glue gun because it is easy to take my projects apart and use them again on another project. I, also, use my glue gun because the glue drys quickly. Gorilla glue and E6000 take at least 12 hours or more to dry depending on the project, so I usually let it sit over night.

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