How to Arrange Flowers: DIY Wedding Flowers, Oasis Flower Arrangements | GlobalRose

Before you being:
Visit your local supplier and purchase enough oases to fill the inside of your vase.
At least one hour prior to making your arrangement, soak the oasis in water with diluted floral food.
What you will need:
A work area that includes a table or counter top and a floor that can resist water.
A vase
A set of spears.
Once saturated with water, fit the oasis inside your vase. You are ready to begin.
In a water-filled container have ready your 75 rose stems.
One by one, remove unwanted foliage and thorns from each rose stem and place them on the table.
Using your spears cut one stem to the desired height of your arrangement. Be sure its height won’t block the view of your guests who sit at the table where this centerpiece is placed.
Place this rose in the center of the oasis.
Cut four more roses the same height as the previous one. Place them in the oasis in such a way that they create four points.
For example, if you look at the arrangement from above, as if the mouth of the vase were a clock, place a rose at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock.
Insert them into the oasis as horizontal to the table as possible.
At this point you have created the underlying shape of your arrangement.
Begin adding roses to your arrangement, filling in the empty spaces while creating a half moon shape. Continue doing this until there are no more empty spaces in your arrangement.
Once you have inserted all 75 roses, look at your arrangement objectively and adjust any flowers as needed.
You did it! Enjoy.

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