DIY Pearl Bridal Bouquet | DIY Glam Wedding Bouquet | DIY Wedding Tutorial

Join us this week as we create this stunning Pearl Bridal Bouquet! It is sure to be a show stopper to any bridal party! Always remember, when every penny counts, count on MissPlanIt!

Pearl White Berry Cluster Stem-
Large Straight Handle Bouquet Holder-
Ivory Pearl Ball Pick-
White 10mm Round Pearl Embellishment Stickers-
White Single Face Satin Ribbon – 1 1/2”-
White 5″ Organza Ribbon-
Styrofoam Ball – 5”-
White 22 Gauge – 70 Pieces 18″ Cloth Floral Stem Wire-
E6000 Adhesive – 2-Ounces-
Floral Pins – 1 3/4”-




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