Covid Wedding Ideas | Top 10

Hi there! I am so happy to help 2020 Brides with wedding planning details. Let me know if you have any additional wedding suggestions in the comments below. I hope these ideas can help you and/or a friend.

10 Ideas:
1. Have your wedding ceremony/reception at your home or apartment clubhouse
2. Have your wedding ceremony/reception at a local park or botanical garden
3. Have your wedding ceremony/reception at a cabin in the woods involving nature
4. Have your wedding ceremony at a landmark (Museum, statue, street art, etc)
5. Rent a mansion and enjoy a guest friendly wedding ceremony/reception
6. Have your wedding ceremony/reception on the beach or near a body of water
7. Elope on your honeymoon – if you don’t have travel insurance*
8. Have a virtual wedding experience
9. Have a wedding ceremony/reception block party involving the neighborhood like Elaine Welterworth – See Vogue link below
10. Go to the justice of the peace for your ceremony and enjoy a formal dinner with immediate friends and family at your home or AirBNB
11. **Bonus – briefly mentioned in the video : A Yacht reception or ceremony would be beautiful especially during the Summer.

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Vogue – Elaine Welterworth Wedding Article Link (Video Included) –

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