Castle 6×20 “That ’70s Show” Caskett & Martha Wedding Flowers (HD)

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Complete Playlist “That 70s Show” (Vital Scenes, Promos, Sneak Peeks, Promotional Photos and BTS):

“That ’70s Show” When construction workers find the body of an infamous New York mobster who disappeared in the seventies, Beckett and Castle try to solve this three decade-old Mafia hit. Unfortunately, their only witness is a man who thinks it’s still the 1970’s, so to uncover what he knows, they must play into his delusion, and party like it’s the last days of disco.

“Main Cast and Characters”:
Penny Johnson Jerald: (Captain NYPD Victoria Gates), Nathan Fillion: (Richard Castle), Stana Katic: (Detective Kate Beckett), Jon Huertas: (Detective Javier Esposito), Seamus Dever: (Detective Kevin Ryan), Tamala Jones: (Medical Examiner Lanie Parish), Molly C. Quinn: (Alexis Castle), Susan Sullivan: (Martha Rodger)

“Guest Cast and Characters”:
Jon Polito as Harold Metzger, Richard Portnow as Milt Boyle, Ray Abruzzo as Frank Russo, Gina Hecht as Marie Russo, Dawn Lewis as Yvonne.

“That ’70s Show” was written by David Amann and directed by Kevin Hooks.

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Castle 6×20 Promo/Preview”That ’70s Show”
Castle 6×20 “That ’70s Show” (US) Promo (HD)
Castle 6×20 “That ’70s Show” Episode Stills
Castle 6×20 Promotional Photos “That ’70s Show”
Castle 6×20 Episode Stills “That ’70s Show”
Castle 6×20 Sneak Peek “That ’70s Show”
Castle Season 6 Episode 20 Promo/Preview/Trailer
Castle Season 6 Episode 20 Sneak Peek
Castle Season 6 Episode 20 Promo ABC/CTV
Castle Season 6 Episode 20 Promo Pics
Castle S06E20 “That ’70s Show” Promo/Preview/Trailer
Castle S06E20 Promotional Photos
Castle S06E20 Sneak Peek
Castle S06E20 Promo Pics & BTS
Castle Season 6 Season Six

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