The 10 Most Popular Wedding Theme Ideas ❤️


The 10 Most Popular Wedding Theme Ideas.

Planning a wedding theme can be one of the first important decisions you’ll make as a couple. When you have a theme in mind, everything else will fall into places such as the décor and the menu.

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In this video, we will talk about the 10 Most Popular Wedding Theme Ideas. From traditional to modern, we’ve collected and gathered wedding themes that are well-loved by couples around the world.

1. Beach

A wedding by the shore is definitely one of the most sought-after themes, particularly among would-be brides. The preparation also seems simple. First, decide on a beach. Then choose a light dress or lightweight suit. Want to go barefoot while walking down the aisle? Sure you can!

2. Garden

Romantic and nature-inspired, a wedding with a garden theme can be celebrated whether you want it outdoors or indoors. You can choose your favorite flowers and plants as a décor. Just create a lush setting that will make you and your guests feel like you’re in dreamland.

3. Vintage

A vintage wedding is one theme that will never go out of style. Starting from the reception, you can use a number of vintage details such as an old typewriter at the guestbook table, black-and-white photographs as centerpieces, weathered doors, birdcages, and worn-in wood seats.

4. Gatsby

Lavish and timeless, a Gatsby-themed wedding includes geometric shapes and sharp lines, luxe centerpieces, champagne towers, and other eclectic decors. If you’re aiming to have a tasteful and glamorous wedding with a touch of vintage charm, then this theme is perfect for you.

5. Country

Inspired by the American West, a Country-themed wedding is all about a nostalgic celebration of your hometown. You can achieve this theme by walking donned in cowboy boots, preparing the farm-to-table menu, using rustic Mason jar floral displays, and riding a pickup truck as your getaway car.

6. Travel

If you’re the wanderlust duo or you have friends that are traveling from near and far parts of the globe, a travel-themed wedding will surely leave your guests in awe! Surprise your guests with a number of unique ideas such as a sign detailing the total distance that your friends and family had traveled, and a freestanding white wall filled with assorted globes or flags with the words “Where to Next” inscribed.

7. Rustic

This wedding theme is popular among couples who want a cool and laid-back vibe on their big day. So how can you pull off a brilliant rustic wedding? Choose from an array of venues such as farms, barns, ranches or mountain lodges. Use lots of natural décor items that include burlap, wood, wildflowers, fruits as well as mismatched elements such as mismatched glasses, plate ware, and vases.

8. Fall

There’s no doubt that Fall is a fantastic season to have your wedding! Imagine your special day filled with colorful leaves, festive fireworks, and cozy jumpers. You can create this classic and warm wedding theme by incorporating these warm colors – yellows, reds, russets, as well as bright orange and deep browns. Make it even more dramatic by adding a hint of metallic bronze or gold.

9. Winter Wonderland

This magical and fairy-tale inspired wedding theme is definitely a hit not only with the couple but also with the guests. The ideas are endless, and you only need a great imagination to pull it off. Create a real frozen winter world by using glass, silver glitter, white flowers, silver candles, snowflakes, snowballs, and lots of lights! Use glitter accessories and cool wraps on your bridal outfit. You can even wear a furry-white trench coat with a hood to give an illusion of winter.

10. Disney

If you’re a true-blue Disney fan and you dream about having a fairy and funny wedding, then a Disney-themed wedding is your best bet. Start from choosing a Disney story and incorporate all wedding decorations based on that story. Your bridesmaids can also dress up as Disney princesses such as Cinderella, Elsa, Sleeping Beauty or even the notorious but popular Maleficent. If dressing up too much is not to your liking, just go for a style using Mickey and Minnie mouse for details. That should be enough.

Whatever theme you choose to have for your wedding, always remember that your sole purpose is to create a wedding that you and your guests will always cherish, love and treasure.

Has your dream wedding theme made it to the list? Let us know in the comment box below.

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