60 Second Updo Tutorial ❤️

In today’s easy hair tutorial, I am sharing with you how to create a beautiful updo hairstyle that is perfect for weddings, proms or any formal occasion. This low bun hairstyle is also great for everyday, and is perfect for long and medium hair lengths.

To recreate this hairstyle, start by applying a combination of gel and oil into your hands before finger combing your hair into place. Next, while holding your ponytail, brush each section back and use a strong hold hairspray for extra support. To achieve the sleek hairstyle look, use a beard brush to ensure every hair is in place, and don’t forget your neckline. When securing your ponytail, remember to not let go of the base and pull your hair through the elastic nice and tight. Now time to create the updo, start with your index finger on top and your thumb on the bottom, then wrap your ponytail around your index finger in a counter-clockwise direction. Once wrapped, keep your index finger on your left hand in place, and slide your thumb next to it so you can reach through. Grab your ends and pull them all the way through to create the knot. Next, bring your ends down and wrap them counterclockwise underneath your knot bun to hide them. Hold your bun tight against your head and secure it with a combination of french and bobby pins, sliding them in towards the centre. Be sure to wiggle your bobby pins as you push them in to make them extra secure.

This tutorial is perfect for anyone looking to create a simple and elegant updo hairstyle. Whether you’re a bride, bridesmaid, or simply want a cute and easy hairstyle, this low bun is the perfect choice.

Helpful Videos

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Products Used

@moroccanoil Treatment Light Hair Oil :https://go.magik.ly/ml/1t3l4/
Eco Gel: https://bit.ly/3AVbgG1
Bobby Pins: https://bit.ly/3nbrNCb
French Pins: https://bit.ly/3yLlRC7
Assorted sizes: https://bit.ly/3YQqQfz
Comb: https://bit.ly/3ncOp5s
Beard Brush: https://amzn.to/42bfJzT

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